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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 16, 2010 9:00pm-9:45pm PST

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the national captioning institute captions copyright 1991 castle rock entertainment public performance of captions prohibited without permission of national captioning institute now. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. >> fans go wild after the giants win another nail biter, this time capturing game one of the national league championship series. good evening. >> hello. everyone. one down, three to go. the san francisco giants overcome the underdog status and defeat the philadelphia phillies in philly. >> there he goes, a strike out ends the night. game one belongs to the giants.
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>> it certainly does. that is how the game ended tonight with all-star closer brian wilson on the mound. the giants win 4-3 in their first win in 8 years. ktvu begins our team coverage where giant fans went nuts. hi. >> reporter: hello, heather. the giants fans got exactly what they wanted with the 4-3 win in a stadium full of loud philly fans. very loud. you couldn't hear any cheering for the giants at all. it was all phillies fans. a lot of fans say they like their team being in the underdog position. giants fans who made the trip say they got their moneys worth and saw their team turn it around with the help of a long
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ball. >> as soon as cody ross hit that home run. it was great. there are this is the first time since 2002. if the giants win the best of 7 series, it would mean a return trip to the world series. as the games become more important, so do the desire to be with the team on the road. >> flew all the way out on the red eye, flew this morning, here for game one and two. >> some fans say wearing an opposing team's colors in philadelphia can be risky. >> yeah, i'm ready. i've heard a lot. it's fun to be here. it's fun being the opposing team. >> reporter: now you heard that cody ross played a big role in the game. so did pat burrell, who was a big part of the philly team for nine seasons. he helped them win a world series. giant's fans are hoping he'll do that for them as well. we'll have more coming up about
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the win. live in philadelphia, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the giants maybe in philadelphia, but fans back home are celebrating tonight. playoff excitement is at fever pitch with the bay area alive with orange and black pride. ktvu caught up with fans in san francisco. he'll join us live with local reaction coming up at 10:30. >> giants fans felt a wave of emotions both high anxiety and deep joy at times. we caught up with fans at the phoenix irish pub where optimism for the hometown boys abounded early. >> just unbelievable for the giants to do so well, the workman team, it's unbelievable. >> it's amazing. giants, they are unbeatable. >> speaking of, aubrey huff at
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bat. >> reporter: some listened on the radio. no matter how fans listened, they were happy tonight brought them one game closer to a possible world series. this has been called a torture tour with each giant's post season game being decided by one run. >> the torture part, you can pretty much predict. what didn't go according to form was the matchup between the starting pitchers. roy halladay was coming off the second no hitter. halladay's no hitter and shut out both went on the wayside. that gave the giants a 1-0 lead. phils tied the game with a homer of their own, but ross again tool halladay deep. ross, who was a waiver claim late in the season has three home runs in the playoffs. as he did 48 times during the regular season, brian wilson finished things off, striking
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out victorino to end it. all outs were strike outs. giants win 4-3. game two tomorrow again in philadelphia. you said it, if you want to get to the world series, you have to win three more times. >> yep. more coming up in sports. the huge game one victory came at the hands of unlikely heros who tonight are household names. for that part of our coverage, we go to fred live in philly with player reaction. >> reporter: you know, these giants keep making believers out of doubters and keep winning the one-run decisions, and they keep getting home runs from a guy named cody ross. as a matter of fact, the giants have just four home runs in their five post season games, and of those four homers, cody has three of them. of course, two of them tonight. you remember cody ross, the florida marlins cut him, then the giants sign him and claiming back waivers in august, basically so we won't
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get picked up by a san diego padre. they didn't know what to do with him. but then, jose guillen gets hurt, cody comes in, a star is born. >> we had to check our egos at the door, put the personal statistics at the door, go out and play at a teams. it's one of the main have beens we're at right now. our pitching is outstanding. to come together and play well as a team, you know, it says a lot. >> obviously, cody ross, two big hits, two home runs which is something i wanted to get better at. didn't. but we came out on top. >> can you put in perspective how important win number one in game one is? >> it's the most important game of the series. it sets the tone for the rest of the series. it doesn't put us in the driver's seat by any means
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because we're playing a top team, but it certainly helps when we're going back home tomorrow. >> yeah, absolutely. game one is big, game two will be just as big. over 45,000 fans here. i saw a mass exodus after the 8th inning, phillies saying we'll get you tomorrow. they could shock this city of brotherly love by going home to san francisco with two victories, but right now, it's 1-0 in the series at 8:15 is the starting time out here. 5:15 starting time for you. of course, that game right here on ktvu channel 2 tomorrow. heather, back to you. >> we have been watching the weather out in philadelphia. i'll take the forecast quickly. you can see we have mostly clear skies. the weather has been behaving. the same story for sunday for game two. clear skies, 59 degrees. winds on the light side. winds were a factor today, but have been backing f, the
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front will continue through sunday. i'll be back in a few minutes for a look at the bay area forecast. it does include the possibility of a few showers. now that game one is in the books, bring on game two. our coverage is scheduled to start at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow with the first pitch from philadelphia set for 5:15. watch it right here on ktvu channel 2. we've been asking you for fan photos. you'll find hundreds more at coverage continues later this hour with live reports from philadelphia and san francisco. in other news tonight, oakland police are investigating a brazen daytime shooting at a popular east bay shopping area. the attacker shot a man at an atm on broadway in the rock ridge neighborhood. allie is there with late details, allie? >> reporter: what may help police in their investigation of this shooting is an abundance of surveillance cameras.
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more cameras across the parking lot outside that bank, and there are cameras inside the bank of america atm where this shooting happened. shoppers, families, and pet owners went about theirer rands on pleasant valley road in oakland. most of the people at this atm hadn't heard about the violent act that happened here a few hours earlier. >> a male in his 20s was using the atm, another suspect walked up behind and shot him and ran off. >> reporter: it happened at 9:00 this morning. oakland police say several witnesses saw the shooter run to a nearby car and speed away. the 29 year old victim was still conscious when police arrived. >> he was talking to us, but not too much. >> reporter: police don't know the motive and are not sure if it was a random robbery. some people told us it doesn't matter. >> it's very sad when anybody gets shot, when any violence
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happens really. >> reporter: others seem resigned to the fact violence can happen anywhere, even in the so-called safe parts of oakland. >> people get desperate. >> it's odd, but crime is so high these days, it's not surprising. >> reporter: we spoke to one man who says he's lived in oakland for 68 years; i grew up in oakland in the hay days. >> reporter: he says any crime makes him worry about his city's future. >> god bless oakland, i hope they make it. >> reporter: police say the victim is in critical but stable condition. police are still looking for the shooter. crime stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. a $25,000 reward is being offered tonight in connection with with a drive by shooting
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that killed an innocent by stander. it happened in north oakland. the victim has been identified by 29 year old carolyn howard. she was with friends when two cars drove by and more than one person in each vehicle opened fire. three men nearby were hit and remain hospitalized. they don't believe howard was the intended target. cal-tran hopes to have the san mateo bridge open in time for tomorrow morning's commute. it has been closed since wednesday. crews discovered a 10-inch crack in a steel beam. they have twice delayed completion of the project as crews work to install reenforcing plates. the agency plans to reopen the span sometime tomorrow. the actress who gained supermom status as june cleaver has died. >> leave it to beaver.
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starring barbara billingsley. >> she passed away this morning in santa monica. she was 94 years old. she starred on the hit tv series playing the perfect stay at home mom to her sons beaver and wallly she continued to act. a private memorial is being planned. . god bless you, patriots. more than a thousand strong in the east bay were taken to a huge rally today. rocking out. the emotional cause behind the concert taking place right now. >> it's called operation urban shield. the drills that have police officers practicing their skills.
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demolition work continued this morning on the terminal in san francisco. crews are working to tear down the old terminal to make new for a new transit center. the new $4 billion center will be built at 1st and mission street. it's expected to open in 2017. city leaders opposed to a elevated high-speed rail platform demonstrated how the
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plan would affect the city. the 59-foot height of the platform. the rail authorities also are considering an underground tunnel for the rail line, but the platform is opposed by some of the community who say it will divide the city in half. work on the project between los angeles and san francisco is scheduled to begin in 2012. with their eyes on november 2 and several congressional and state offices concerned rallies to the polls. ken reports. >> god bless you, patriots, for doing whatever you're doing. large or small, thank you very much. november 3 is coming. >> reporter: november 3 maybe a day for tea party supporters to celebrate, but november 2 is
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what this rally is all about. >> this is really just focused on getting out the votes. >> reporter: she is the founder of the tea party of the this rally is much like an event held in april prior to the primary elections, now the tea party is backing specific candidates. >> we're getting the candidates in front of the people aand saying this is who you need to vote for. >> reporter: candidates such as david harmer. nelson says the enthusiasm among tea party members has not waiverred. it is difficult to estimate the size because people are coming and going from the fairgrounds throughout the day. organizers expect between 10,000 and 15,000 people, which would be more than the event in april. there was a small counterprotest which was protesting what it says is corporate collusion with republicans against democrats. >> the tea party doesn't worry
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me personally. i think that they are going to undermine the republican party's efforts. >> reporter: the vice chair of the california republican party says tea party supporters. you've seen a huge surge. what's important is the people who register recently tend to vote. >> organizers say this is the largest on the west coast. "ktvu channel 2 news." >> a quick reminder, the deadline to register to vote is this monday. it's a tight race in one bay area congressional race, but not for money. jerry mcnurney has a comfortable lead in the amount of money raised. according to campaign reports, mcnurney raised almost $2.5
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million. the district sprawls four counties covering the east bay and valley. republican candidate for senate, fiorino was joined by a former presidential candidate. john mccain attended the event at san diego before fiorino headed to el dorado hills. it's the second time she's campaigned in this area of the state, an area she says is vital to her campaign. >> the heart in terms of values. these are people who can make a big difference in the outcome of this election. >> reporter: polls show the former hp exec in a deadhead with barbara boxer. >> sarah palin was in southern california today rallying republicans to get out and vote. to drum up support. palin turned to the past, calling for the values of the ronald reagan era.
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>> lower taxes, smaller, smarter government. less overreach and intrusion, strong, unapologetic national defense. remember? it was we win, you lose. >> the former alaska governor was speaking to more than 2,000 supporters at the republican national committee meeting in anaheim. megawhitman and fiorino skipped the event. former president, bill clinton is in the bay area taking his power to the uptown theater in napa. he's then heading south. the rally is set for 7:30:00 p.m. at the school's event center. a deadly hit and run crash. the one clue investigators hope will lead to a suspect. giants win, and the crowd
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goes nuts. straight ahead, san franciscoens who bleed black and orange. tracking this system offshore. coming up, our rain cast model. your full forecast ahead.
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police tonight are trying to track down the hit and run driver who killed a san jose man on a south bay freeway. it happened about 1:15 this morning on the connector ramp between southbound interstate 80 and southbound 101. the examiner's office identified the victim as 43 year old. it appears his car was rammed by the driver of a 2003 honda. the driver of that honda has took off and not been found. drug agents shut down a
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marijuana dispensary this weekend. members of a special enforcement team raided the dispensary friday. they are expected of making illegal profits. under state law, pot clubs must be non-profits like most health insurance companies. no word what evidence the county may have against the business. as suspected, a man is behind bars tonight. the 28 year old was arrested thursday morning. police say he is a suspect in several home burglaries dating back to may. they will be able to recognize the suspect. gonzalez was arrested on suspicion on multiple counts. a bar is rocking this hour to help raise money for the survivors of the san bruno explosion. the assorted 23 club
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is hosting 5 benefit performance tonight. the band donated its performance tonight. it also was barbecue for $10 and raffle of prizes including custom guitars. proceeds go to the red cross and san bruno survivors. two state senate committees will begin hearings on tuesday. they hope to determine if pg&e was negligent in maintenance and inspections. the ntsb told the state it has no objections to releasing the documents. their efforts 20 eradicate the grapevine is paying off. traps are catching fewer than earlier this year. they were first found a year ago in napa county and later
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found in nine counties stretching from sonoma to mountain ray. 8million was spent. it is a homecoming for a paralyzed teen in the north bay that was made possible thanks to dozens of volunteers. the 18 year old returned to his home this week after it was completely remodeled in order to fit its needs. doors have been widened, ramps installed, now the bathroom includes a roll-in shower. cox was paralyzed from the neck down in a diving accident in august. . it's only a drill, but the scenarios are real. what these law enforcement officers from around the world are practicing right here in the bay area. what a way to start a series. how giants fans are celebrating tonight. a live report next. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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the ball game is over, the party is continuing for giants fans across the bay area. mike has the tough job of being at a bar. joining us with a live report, mike? >> hey, ken, what a night to be a giant's fan, especially at an old time bar in san francisco like this one. home to some die hards who are obviously a bit still on fire. for them, what a start to the nlcs. san francisco's pub. >> we're glad to be here in san
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francisco. >> reporter: tonight, standing room only, packed with black and orange. >> all i have to say is this is all us san frans. the phillies can go back to the east coast. >> reporter: the fans say they have no fear. do you feel small right now? >> no, i feel larger than life. we have the best team in baseball. >> reporter: it's an aggressive statement and debatable one. >> i think they'll do well. >> reporter: they also say they have no fear, not of the philly line up or philly fans. >> i know philly fans love this bar. they have the cheese steaks and that kind of stuff. >> we have more pride and more to fight for. >> tonight the giants got on the board early and the phillies quickly tied it up. this was game one, san franciscons had their own game
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plan. >> our pitching is good. we need our bats to start scoring more runs. >> reporter: bats woke up in the 5th, then again in the 6th. that woke up even more. when the 9th inning came around, ball game. >> it's expected. expected. best pitcher in the league. >> amazing. amazing. >> bring it to the wire every time. giants, let's go, baby. >> reporter: we are back live in san francisco. it is the push for the fall classic. imagine if the giants come home, 2 games to zip. places like this will be going absolutely nuts. reporting live in san francisco, "ktvu channel 2 news." >> like they are not already. thank you, mike. one game down, here's where we go from here. giants and phillies battle it
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out again tomorrow, then at&t hosts its first game since 2002. games 3 and 4 tuesday and wednesday all here on "ktvu channel 2 news." you can also follow the giants at we have a special section with your pictures and more. just look for orange october on the website. 21 years ago tomorrow they met at the world series, a game interrupted by mother nature. many of the 60,000 people thought the shaking came from the fans stomping their feet, but when the electricity went out, shutting out the lights, scoreboard, and concessions, everyone realized what happened. . tomorrow's second look is dedicated to giant's fever including the bay bridge series that ended abruptly when an earthquake hit.
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second look is sunday night at 11 here on ktvu channel 2. a bomb scare prompted the evacuation of a school and several homes. the device was made to look like a pipe bomb but was harmless. it was part of an online scavenger hunt game. it's a high-tech treasure hunting game played across the world. . operation urban shield is underway tonight as tactical teams from around the world deal with a series of real- world drills to try to hone their skills over a grueling non-stop 48 hours. in one drill, the fourth floor of a city hall of taken over by gang members demanding the release of fellow gang members. it was one exercise teams had to deal with in real time. >> we put people in situations they are unfamiliar with, they
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have to make critical decisions and make the decisions and make them correctly. >> the 44th floor was another scene. swat units propelled down an elevator shaft. the drills will continue throughout the bay area through 6:00 monday morning. u.s. supreme court justice says he may sit out. he says the speech is awkward for the judges who he says are not supposed to react to the president's comments. he shook his head during the last speech. justices have not todayed state of the union messages. justice steven briere says justices should attend to viewers can see the three branches of government represented in the same room. in china, a natural gas
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explosion in a coal mine this morning killed 21 miners and trapped 16 others underground. crews are trying to reach the miners who are believed to be within 240 feet of the entrance. the men were installing new safety equipment before the explosion. in paris, hundreds of thousands of protestors took to the streets of paris and other cities today in the 5th day of protest over plans to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. a strike has caused fuel shortages sparking panic buying by some motorists. the government has warned airlines there maybe fuel shortages as early as tuesday. in taiwan, a 71 year old was released from prison today 30 months after he was jailed for allegedly sporting antigovernment activists. he was arrested in 2008 after agreeing to take $200 from a
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man in the u.s. to an iranian man who was part of a promonarchy group that bombed a mosque. . movie director james cameron has pledged $1 million to fight proposition 23. the oscar winner pledged the money yesterday, joining environmental groups and their opposition against that measure. prop 23 would suspend the landmark global warming law until california's unemployment rate dropped. if you've ever wanted to interview former president george w. bush, now is your chance. mr. bush is holding a unique contest on facebook. the prize is a one-on-one interview. to participate, people should submit five questions. the public then picks the winner. the contest is in conjunction with the release of mr. bush's
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new memoir. live in philadelphia where the giants upset on 45,000 philly fans, including the fanatic. you have to see what cody ross did later in sports wrap. also coming up, we're tracking wet weather for the rest of your weekend. we'll show you when the best chance of rain is going to be around.
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the bay area cooled off quite a bit today. you may have noticed an increase in the mid-and upper level clouds as we head into your sunday. right now on the maps we have a
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bit of activity now. most of this not reaching the ground. we could have a few sprinkles. you can see more development out here in the pacific. we will be watching that over the next 4 hours. this was the scene across the bay up from berkeley in the golden gate bridge. you can see the high clouds moving in. weather story is this for tonight, mostly cloudy skies, cool for sunday, still scattered clouds, bump in the numbers, nothing too major. as far as highs, the range, no 90s or 80s, warmest only in the lower 70s and most areas will be in the 60s. first thing tomorrow morning, under the clouds, we will have temperatures mainly in the 50s, a few spots could start out in the morning at 40s. san jose 56 degrees. you can see all the activity out here in the pacific.
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we're watching this to our west, this will be approaching our coastline. here's the eventual track. and they are moving at a good view, especially for the south bay and also into the east bay. here's our forecast model, we'll put it into motion as you can see into sunday. a bit of activity at least painting a few light showers up in parts of the north bay. it could happen anywhere, pretty much the same story 12:00 and 3 and 4:00, highest chance tomorrow afternoon will be in the south bay and east bay. by tomorrow night, you can be tracking a few showers, the bulk will be moving to the east of the bay area. mostly cloudy skies, 30% chance of showers and temperatures in the lower 60s with niners and raiders playing tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. forecasted highs tomorrow, 69,
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right around 70, oakland tops out 66. walnut creek around 70. these temperatures continue to cool off around 5-10 degrees from today's highs. san francisco, 63 degrees. so tomorrow, be tracking the chance of at least scattered showers around the bay. partly cloudy monday, clearing out the clouds tuesday, temperatures warming up by that time frame as well. wednesday and thursday, fairly quiet, in the long range to next weekend, we could be talking about more rain showers across the bay area. good news for game three tuesday when we embrace the giants coming back home. great weather. >> i have a feeling people will be inside tomorrow evening anyway. east bay beer drinkers came together today for a local beer festival. maybe the giants too. the beer festival kicked off
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today. featured live music, local bands, local food, and, of course, lots of local beer. the festival celebrates the 22nd anniversary of the pacific coast brewing company. cal goes on the road to take on ufc. >> also more giants highlights and a live report from philadelphia. sports wrap is coming up next.
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the giants are fine with a 1-0 lead in their


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